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  • High quantities at favourable prices with low CO2 emission
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Separation system in zinc die casting

Separation system in zinc die casting

Zinc die casting: How we work

Our goal is always to provide you with a finished product. The focus is on your requirements and wishes, from mould construction to quality assurance. This is also how we work in zinc die casting.

At your request, we will design and produce the appropriate production moulds in-house according to your specifications, regardless of whether the geometries are complex or rather simple. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we know what is important in the construction of moulds for zinc die casting. In this way, the paths in the mould can be guided right from the start to ensure error-free production. We also attach great importance to the economical use of materials and to a low weight of the castings – especially with regard to the conservation of resources.

Do you already have casting moulds available? Of course we also work with moulds provided by you after initial sampling and positive feasibility analysis.

The hot chamber die casting process

We use hot chamber die casting. In this process, the melt of a zinc alloy is heated in a crucible and kept warm. In the melt, there is a casting container that is connected to the die-casting mould through a nozzle. This is also the big difference to the cold-chamber process, where the molten alloy is kept warm separately from the zinc die-casting mould. In cold-chamber die-casting, the required amount of melt must be metered for each part. In hot-chamber die-casting, this is done automatically by removing the appropriate amount of fine zinc from the liquid zinc bath.

Zinc die casting mould and spray head for release agent

Zinc die casting mould and spray head for release agent

Zinc die casting mould and spray head for release agent

In hot-chamber die-casting, the molten metal is pressed into the mould at high pressure and high speed. Depending on the wall thickness and the required surface quality, this process takes only a few milliseconds. In this way, the casting produced by zinc die casting impresses with high strength, hardness and absolute precision.

This process is made possible by the low melting point of zinc alloys of about 390 degrees Celsius and the narrow solidification intervals of these alloys. These extraordinary properties of zinc in the field of non-ferrous metals as well as the extensive automation of the processes allow the production of high quantities in a comparatively short time as well as a near-net-shape production, which often reduces the effort for mechanical post-processing to a minimum.

With our 12 zinc die-casting machines of the FRECH brand, we guarantee reliable production with consistently high quality at favourable prices. Our machines have a locking force of between 75 kN and 1250 kN for castings weighing between 0.5 grams and 2,200 grams.

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Overview of machine parameters in hot chamber die casting:

  • Clamping force from 75 to 1,250 kN
  • Clear column spacing from 150 to 400 millimetres
  • Part weight from 0.5 to 2,200 grams

Our zinc die casting machines:

Maschine type DAW 5 DAW 20 DAW 50 DAW 80 DAW 125
Locking force in kN 75 240 600 900 1.250
Mould height min./max. in mm 100 – 200 120 – 300 120 – 350 160 – 400 170 – 500
Mould width max. in mm 156 246 296 346 396

Zinc die casting: advantages of this process

  • Good economic efficiency due to cost-effective, long-lasting die casting moulds
  • Fast production of large quantities with high repeat accuracy
  • Cost savings in unit price and production
  • Reusability possible due to complete recycling
  • Low CO2 emissions due to low melting temperature
  • Production close to the final contour reduces the need for mechanical reworking
  • High precision, even for complex components with filigree details
  • Refinement of the surface with a wide range of different coatings
Zinc ingot on pile

Zinc ingot on pile

Material used in zinc die casting

Liquid zinc from zinc feed pump

Liquid zinc from zinc feed pump

Our standard zinc alloy is Zamak 5, also known as ZL0410 or ZnAl4Cu1. Zamak alloys basically consist of zinc and a small amount of aluminium, copper and magnesium. In contrast to other alloys, they have the lower melting temperatures necessary for hot chamber die casting.

Zamak 5 in particular has a copper content of up to one percent. In addition to good strength values and easy processing, dimensional stability is an important property of this alloy. Furthermore, it is suitable for numerous surface finishing processes, such as galvanising or colour coating.

If you would like to have your castings produced from a different zinc alloy, please do not hesitate to contact us. Depending on your requirements, the production of die-cast parts from ZL0400 (Zamak 3) or ZL0430 (Zamak 2) is also possible.

Zinc alloys: Advantages

  • Good flow properties allow wall thicknesses far below 1 millimetre
  • Good damping properties for external mechanical vibrations
  • Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity
  • High strength and stiffness allow reduction of size and weight of individual castings
  • Very good hardness and wear resistance
  • Non-sparking and non-magnetic
  • Very good notched impact strength and ductility
  • Hardly any material fatigue due to high resistance strength
  • Excellent ductility for subsequent machining

Areas of application for castings

The numerous advantages of components made from zinc die casting have led to a wide range of applications. Zinc die castings are used wherever complex shapes with a certain strength are required, where a chic appearance is needed or where parts need to be thin-walled, light and stable at the same time.

They serve decorative purposes such as fittings in the sanitary sector, handles on furniture, are part of the technology in cars, household appliances or machines, but are also used as prototypes.

Our customers come from various industries, for example

  • Drive technology
  • Construction machinery
  • Fittings
  • Electrical engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Rescue technology
  • Sanitary products
  • Sign making
  • Toys
  • And many more
Zinc die-cast parts

Zinc die-cast parts

Quality assurance in zinc die casting

Our company is certified according to the DIN ISO 9001:2015 guidelines. This quality management system is consistently implemented in all areas of production in our company. In this way, we can guarantee our business partners a permanently high level of quality and economic efficiency.

Possible further processing at zwerenz industries

Following the production of the castings, they can still be processed with the following finishing and marking procedures:

  • Electroplating
  • Thread cutting and thread forming
  • Painting
  • Assembly and commissioning of subassemblies
  • Powder coating
  • Pad printing, digital printing or laser marking
  • Overmoulding of metal parts with fine zinc alloys
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