Our EcoVadis certification:
A benchmark for sustainability in industry

An EcoVadis certificate confirms the company’s successful assessment of its sustainability performance and commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). It demonstrates our responsible approach to environmental issues, working conditions, ethical practices and sustainable sourcing.

Our Bronze Certificate

We have undergone a transparent audit by EcoVadis.

Our commitment to sustainability has been confirmed and demonstrates our commitment to environmentally friendly practices and ethically responsible practices.

We are proud to now carry the EcoVadis Bronze certificate as a sign of commitment and responsibility.

EcoVadis Bronze Zwerenz

Sustainability is our mission

As an industrial company active in CNC machining, mould making, plastic injection moulding, laser technology and also zinc die casting, we are passionate about sustainable production methods. We always strive to use environmentally friendly technologies and treat our employees fairly and responsibly. Our bronze certification from EcoVadis confirms our commitment to a more sustainable future.

German Supply Chain Sustainability Act (LkSG)

Our efforts for sustainability and social responsibility are reflected in the EcoVadis certification, which aims to ensure human rights and environmental protection in global supply chains. LkSG has a strict focus on compliance with these standards, and our certification by EcoVadis confirms that we meet these requirements throughout our supply chain process.

Working with EcoVadis enables us to not only comply with legal requirements, but also to improve our sustainability performance. Our commitment to “real compliance” is reflected in the transparent documentation of our sustainability management, as required by EcoVadis.

With our certification, we have not only fulfilled a legal requirement, but also taken a step further to ensure that our supply chains are operated to the highest ethical and sustainable standards.