Laser technology

The modern method of laser marking makes it possible to process almost any material.

A large number of our machines operate using the CO² process, which allows writing, pictures or similar designs to be incorporated into workpieces using a laser beam. This process also makes it possible to cut desired contours from workpieces.

Another type of marking is achieved using YAG lasers. This technique makes it possible to mark / engrave almost all types of metals.

The third area is marking using the colour change process. This involves using materials which change colour through the addition of specific components by marking with a laser technique at the relevant point.

Laser welding is the fourth area which we are using in our own mould making departement for welding plastic injection moulds and also zinc diecast moulds. We are also offering laser welding in form of wage to our customers. Almost all grades of steel are welded in our company.

In this future-oriented sphere of industry, zwerenz industries is one of the leading companies anywhere in Europe. The machinery, which is designed to be state of the art, and the specialist staff who are employed make it possible to cater for almost all customer requests.